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We market affordable medicines whose formulation comply with global standards and strive to achieve market leadership in domestic market.

Essential Pharmaceuticals is a reputed company based in Northern India, dealing in ophthalmic formulations. Mr. Rajnish Malik, Managing Director of the company started this company in January 2003. Essential Pharmaceutical is a dream that was sought as a medium by a person who wanted to provide a new horizon to the ongoing trend of eye care through the reputed medical practioners.

"Marketing medicines accessible to all"

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The best needs no introduction. Essential Pharmaceuticals has earned a prestigious spot as a Quality ophthalmic medicine manufacturer, trader, and supplier. Due to our sheer dedication and relentless hard work we have cemented our name as the best firm in the field of the eye care medicines business.

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Quality Control

We the people at Essentials Pharmaceuticals are committed towards the public health. Every step we take form the idea of a drug formulation to its processing and final to its formulation and packaging all are carried out while keeping the quality of the formulation in mind. Our concept of providing the masses the quality with potency is a thought of our M.D, and with the same belief we market our products in almost all the remote areas so that no people are deprived of the best quality formulations.


A Pharmaceutical company is the pathway through which the masses get the best through the prescribers. The aim of firm in a health care center is to render easy, affordable, highly potent product. Keeping this thought as the bull’s eye we move on a path where we can provide the people with what we have the best and ease them from the ocular related troubles.


Essential as the name signifies an important thing. Keeping this spirit in our hearts we aim to be the necessity that the people will get when they face any ocular issues and be the people that the patients can trust for Quality, Purity Potency and Efficacy.